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Grain Bags


An efficient System Once the grain is bagged the available oxygen is cosumed and carbon dioxide is produced thus suppressing the resiratory process and assuring an optimum preservation.

Grain bags give you control and time to market your crops for top dollar for only 7 cents per bushel without the long-term investment of building more grain bins. In addition to a wise choice for time and money, the convenience of putting grain bags in the field where harvesting is taking place or anywhere on your farm is a real plus.

Because grain bags are a reliable grain storage solution, grain can be freighted after harvest, freeing up time during harvest without giving up quality. Storage is unlimited especially during a bumper crop season. The bags are sealed air tight without the use of chemicals giving you an organic option for your grains. It’s quality storage at a price you can live with.


Dry grains, soybean, maze, sorghum, wheat, sunflower millet, oates rice, barley, fertilizer etc.


Approximately 200 tons per 9 ft. x 200 ft. bags depending on the grain to be stored.

  • More safety
  • More Speed
  • More efficiency
  • More space
  • More tranquility
  • More profitability