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Silage Bags

The Ipesa Silo bags are designed to be the strongest bags in the market today. Taking the same philosophy used in grain bag productio IpesaSilo bags are made from the highest quality, state-of-the-art raw materials, and are 100% virgin resin. This allows us to produce a bag with superior strength, better tear resistance, and extreme durability.

Packing this bag tight is no problem!

Packaging is another area that IpesaSilo bags differ from the competition. A smaller box which is individually shrink wrapped allows for improved handling an uses less space.

The foundation upon which a profitable dairy operation is built MUST be high quality forage!

Making silage is an art and a science. Conventional silage storage systems of the past (towers, bunkers or pits) are very difficult to manage and usually do not create the conditions required for excellent or ideal fermentations throughout the whole mass. The losses suffered from these systems have been documented by decades of University research. These losses run from 20% to as much as 40%.

Bagging Silage gives the dairyman the follwing advantages:

  • Lower storage losses due to spoilage.
  • Lower initial investments.
  • Lower total annual costs.
  • Much of the investment is in machinery; not in structures which are hard to sell if plans changed.
  • Higher quality silage.
  • Better management of silage type and condition.
  • Reduces work hazards.

Bag Sizes:

  • 8’x100′,150′,200′,250′, and 300′
  • 9’x100′, 150′, 200′, 250′, 300′
  • 10’x150′, 200′, 250′, and 300′
  • 11’x250′, 300′, and 500′
  • 12’x200′, 250′, 300′, and 500′
  • 14’x300′ and 500′